Clean Conscience

Clean Conscience Logo

Clean Conscience is a client that I’ve been collaborating with to re-purpose their brand, and develop their identity. Here’s a link to the visual identity I designed for them. 

I’ll be elaborating more on the process behind the brand development and strategy for Clean Conscience in a future post, but for now you can check out the description on my portfolio page.


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iPhone 4S lacks a new design. Really?

It’s been approximately a week since Apple released the iPhone 4S and it appears the early adopters, techies and Apple fanatics have started to embraced the new mobile device. The phone received some cold feedback when it first made its appearance, most likely due to the fan-based hype created around a potential iPhone 5, and…

Portfolio Update: U RISE

I’ve just updated my portfolio with a brand development project for a client – U RISE. Check it out through this link or just click on ‘portfolio’ in the navigation bar and click on the U RISE project. A full case study will be posted eventually. Any feedback is much appreciated 🙂

Brand Identity Breakdown

A brand identity is a system of visual, verbal and (often overlooked) sensory components that communicate a brand’s values and create recognition amongst its audience. A logo by itself is not the identity, but a part of it. There are certain sources online that claim the brand identity is ‘The visual aspects that form part…

Bricks and Culture

It’s been a little while since I’ve last updated my blog. I’m currently traveling and had a ton of client work to wrap up (and sleepless nights) before I left. I’m currently in Toronto, just came from Chicago and am heading to Montreal before taking flight to the Netherlands, the UK and Spain. I love…

Brand Identity – In Memory of HD

Seven years ago today, we lost a good friend of ours, Herman Dhillon. I feel that when someone close dies, it’s important to keep their memory alive and celebrate their life. A foundation has been created in Herman’s name, and it has been contributing to the community through fundraising and events. Currently there is a…

Short-Term Logos

Thinking short-term is human nature. We are creatures of instant gratification, the success of mobile connectivity and search engines prove this. However, in building a brand, short-term thinking is rather destructive. When it comes to logos and identity, looking to save money today can potentially cost much more tomorrow. As an example I’ll talk about…

Photo Manipulation – Caro

Carolina Photo Manipulation

As I build this site with my client portfolio, I’ll also be adding creative ventures that I do on the side like photography, video editing, music production and in this case a photo manipulation.


This is a side project for fun. With facial expressions removed, you can make up your own story.  

Branding – The ‘In’ Thing

In a recent discussion with a relative, I mentioned to him how I evolved my freelance design business into brand development over the last few years. He replied by telling me that branding seems to be the ‘in’ thing to do these days. I didn’t know how to reply to that except with a small…

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